Monday, May 13, 2013

Pearls of wisdom, part five

I don't know where I first heard it, I think it was at a conference, but the idea to ...
                                     ..."Always be reading three books at a time,"
is not original to me, although I try to spread it, because I think it's great, it keeps you learning and growing.  The first book should be something light, something interesting, but uplifting, and encouraging, maybe fiction? Not a big fiction fan, but every once in awhile.
  The second book should be a learning book, a DIY, cooking! for example.                                                                                                  Little Paris Kitchen

The third book, should always challenge you. I think of it as a book I have to re-read, as soon as I have read it. Many pauses in between chapters to ponder.
For me, this would include authors like C.S.Lewis, Donald Miller and Charlotte Mason
The Little Paris Kitchen was given to me for mothers day, now you know one of the books I am reading, what are you?
Do you have any book rules for yourself like mine?
Anyone else who always makes sure to be reading at least three at a time?

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