Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 one word

 Our families One word for the year, is Grateful.  
 Good baby up above, finally eating actual food, (we thought we would never have the spagettie smeared face photo.) Tasty herbal, chocolate treats to stay healthy on and indulge at the same time. The best part of making them, together. And then a small photo of my yarn, because I am thankful for my sheep, and I love spinning! A little taste of some of what we are grateful for, to start us off for the year.  I am going to be blogging a series called "love tokens". This series will be full of tiny posts, from a family that believes in small graces, and gratitude.

 Finally, this is a link to a great song, done by a great friend, Hannah. She is on a horse named Meadow, fiddling across the country, with her fiancé and their dog.

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