Monday, March 16, 2015


Seeds and roots, 
The idea of dormancy as a beautiful part of the growth cycle. The mystery and miracle of seemingly inert seeds and roots responding to an unseen signal, and knowingly emerging with perfect timing for renewal.   

Relationship between Creator and creature, the piece that turns mystique into personally meaningful. This months musings are sprouting across a crack in the fine line between "self-love" and "self-worth".  

Not pampering yourself because "you deserve it", or "you've earned it", but because you are WORTH it! and you always have been. It's unconditional, undeserved, and the the most basic and necessary thing, for us, for the seasons of growth in our world,

I am making 8 boxes this month, based on seeds and roots, nettle, hemp seed oil, chia seed, carrot seed, burdock, rosehips, milk thistle, and mustard. I am sorry I can't describe what is inside, that is part of the fun!!
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